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Who needs Visa?
Types of Russian Visas
Russian Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Working Visa
Transit Visa
How long does it take to obtain Russian Visa?
Process of getting Russian Visa
Migration registration in Russia
How to get the Russian Visa on your own?
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Visa application is imperative for a foreigner, who plans travelling to Russia. Citizens of other countries can't visit the territory of Russian state without this document.

Russian visa application for foreigners is associated with some important nuances.

What a foreigner needs to know about Russian visas:

  • invitation - you are not able to submit your documents for visa without it;
  • type of invitation - depends on the type of your visa.

Who needs Visa and is it necessary?

The foreign citizen doesn't need Russian visa only in following situation: if there is a visa-free agreement between Russia and the country, where the applicant has a citizenship. But only for such purposes as tourism or visiting relatives and friends.

In other cases, a foreigner can't freely cross the state border of Russian Federation. You should process documents according to the procedure and, if necessary, use competent specialists' help.

Types of Russian Visas

The type of visa depends on the purpose of your trip: usually it is tourism or business, but often foreigners come to Russia for work and study, as well as in transit. Sometimes they make a private visit. First two options are the most accessible and simple in documentation, the last one is more time consuming and has certain difficulties.

Thus, the applicant has a choice: to apply for a tourist, business, work, study or transit visa to Russia.

Sample of Russian Visa

Russian Visa

Russian Tourist Visa

Russian tourist visa is the easiest type to obtain.

Advantages: if you cooperate with an accredited travel company, it is issued very quickly; relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain; can be single or double. However, it's difficult to do this paperwork by yourself.

Usually it's relevant for people, who come to visit the most important Russian cultural and historical objects, protected area; to see what the country is known abroad with their own eyes.

Business Visa

The second most popular among foreigners, who plan to obtain permission to enter Russia is business visa. This type is suitable for people, entering Russian Federation with the following objectives:

  • resolving issues with partners, suppliers or other business participants;
  • conducting trainings, presentations;
  • participation in conferences, seminars or exhibitions.

Advantages: you can choose visa's different multiplicity options. For example, it can be single or double (duration period - 15 months) or unlimited by the number of visits - it can be issued for a period of six months; one, two, three, four or five years.

But the foreigner has no right to find a job with this type of visa.

Working Visa

The foreigner who is just about to get a job in Russia needs to receive an invitation from the employer. One of the ways to find it - is coming to the country on business or tourist visa. Work permit is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years. Often, foreigners are invited to work in branches of Russian international companies. Sometimes they are invited to local firms as experts. In this case, permission is also issued.

Transit Visa

There is such a thing as a transit visa in Russia, as in many countries. It's necessary for those foreigners, who travel to another state through the territory of Russian Federation. To obtain it, a foreigner needs to show proof that he is indeed sent to a third country - for example, show tickets.

Attention! If a foreigner is to fly over Russia without landing, along the route, visa is not issued. If a foreigner doesn't leave the transit zone during the transfer at the airport - visa is also not required.

How long does it take to obtain Russian Visa?

Depending on the type of permission, the applicant requests, time limits for the availability of documents may vary. The most popular types of visas - travel and business. If the foreigner has an invitation, paperwork would take over 10 days. The invitation and insurance are issued approximately in 1 day. These dates should be considered when you are planning the trip and work schedule.

It's possible to make a visa six months before the date of the proposed trip. 6 months is the earliest period allowed by Russian visa center for documents' adoption.

Process of getting Russian Visa

Analyzing the procedure, you need to dwell on the moment, associated with the documents for Russian visa. The consulate, which deals with the processing of applications and making decisions on issuing permits to enter the Russian Federation, requests a standard set of documents for this procedure:

  1. Application form.
  2. The original document proving the identity of a foreign citizen.
  3. Voucher - so-called invitation from Russian side. It can be issued by our travel company.
  4. Medical insurance.
  5. Document confirming income (salary certificate, bank statement).
  6. Confirmation of tourist's admission. It can also be issued in our company.

Having prepared and checked the entire package of papers, the next step is to make an appointment at the visa application office. It's a place, where documents are submitted. Do not forget to pay the visa fee.

The term of consideration of your documents and decision-making usually takes from 2-3 days to 2 weeks, that's why visas should be taken care of in advance.

Migration registration in Russia

An important condition is migration registration in Russia. The migration card is issued and filled out by employees, even when you cross the border. But there are some difficulties with the migration account. After crossing the Russian border, a foreigner is given three days to register.

If he arrives in Russia on a business visa - this is the case of a business partner or meeting organizer, i.e. the person who sent the invitation. In the case of a tourist visa - the hotel is most often the host, so the hotel employee will check in. Usually private visitors have difficulties to get the migration registration in Russia.

How to get the Russian Visa on your own?

Some foreigners ask: is it possible to obtain Russian visas on their own? How to do it, reducing the waiting time as much as possible? The main important factor is mandatory requirement of Russian legislation - the registration of documents only by invitation.

A foreigner can't obtain Russian visas on his own. He will need the invitation for visa from Russian side. Considering the cost of Russian visa, it makes sense to contact our travel company - a reliable and experienced partner in visa matters.

Russian Visa Support

We will help you to arrange all documents in accordance with Russian Federation law and help minimize the risk of visa denial. Our managers will consult on all questions.
Depending on your citizenship, the minimum set of documents you will need:

  • Passport;
  • Color photo 35x45 mm;
  • For residents of some countries - proof of income document.

All questions you can ask by phone + 7 (351) 700-11-10 or contact the online consultant.