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Russian Tourist Visa - Application and Requirements

tourist visa to Russia
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Tourist Voucher for Russian Visa
Terms of visit
Registration of foreign citizens
Consulate fee
Assistance in application process

Citizens of many countries need Russian visa to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. It comprises several categories as per purpose of a foreign visitor's arrival and might be educational visa, work visa and others.

In order to visit our state for touristic purpose, one needs to obtain a Russian tourist visa. It is required for travel, attending highlights of the country, relaxing on our resorts. Visa department of "VITA Travel" company renders you expert assistance in compiling this document.

How to apply for a Tourist Visa to Russia?

Firstly, the foreign applicant should obtain special tourist invitation to Russia. One might easily get the invitation with the help of our company. Further on, the foreign citizen will provide the consular service of the Russian Federation with full set of documentation.
It includes the following:

  1. Invitation (tourist voucher for Russian visa).
  2. Dully filled up visa application form.
  3. Identical recent photos (2 pcs.). The pictures might be either coloured or black-an-white with sharp image. The size of the photos is to be 35*45 mm. While taking pictures, the applicant shall have no sunglasses and no headwear on.
  4. Original of foreign (international) passport (ID document). Generally, it is required that the validity period of the foreign passport is at least 6 months at the time of the touristic visa expiry. Besides, the passport must have at least two blank pages.

Please, keep in mind that you will need medical insurance which covers all the trip period.

Please, note! You might obtain the Russian visa invitation with the help of "VITA Travel" without prepayment for the hotel.

Sample of Tourist Voucher for Russian Visa

Tourist Voucher for Russian Visa

What Should be done after submitting the application?

The applicant is to pay the consular fee while submitting set of documents to the Consulate. As soon as the documents are accepted, the applicant receives a receipt which specifies the date when the touristic visa will be available.

Registration lasts 1 or 2 weeks. Taking out-of-turn decision on the application is allowed upon the Consul's initiative only.

Terms of Tourist Visa to Russian Federation

Tourist visas are divided as follows:

  • single-entry visa (for 1 entry to the country);
  • double-entry (for 2 entries).

The validity term of Russian tourist visa is 1 month or less. In case the document is requested for the period exceeding a fortnight, the Consulate is entitled to additionally require:

  • confirmation of hotel reservation for all the scheduled time of trip;
  • trip itinerary written in a free manner.

In case the estimated time of sojourn within the territory of the Russian Federation exceeds 1 month, you can apply another category of visa. So, another type of invitation-letter will be required.

What should be done if the visa validity term does not satisfy a tourist? We recommend you to obtain a business visa!

Foreign Citizens Registration

Temporary registration upon a tourist visa is mandatory in the Russian Federation. It must be completed not later than 1 week (seven days) upon arrival to the country. Border-crossing date will be specified on the migration card. Such a card is issued to any foreigner while crossing the Russian federation border.

Registration upon a tourist visa is open on the host party. As for touristic trip, it might be a hotel or natural person who hosts the foreign visitor.

Consular Fee and other Expenses

It is necessary to pay consular fee to obtain a Russian visa. The amount of the fee depends upon the applicant's citizenship. For example, for citizens of the Schengen countries it comprises 35 Euros in case the tourist visa applied for is provided for the period from 4 to 10 days. Rapid legalization which will take 3 days will cost twice (70 Euros).

As for tourists from USA and Canada, they will have to pay 140 USD. The rapid legalization for them will cost 250 USD.

The price of the tourist visa obtainment service is consisted of several amounts:

  • letter of invitation for a visitor drawing up;
  • obligatory consular fee;
  • our company's services cost.

While calculating the expenses, please, take into account the costs of courier delivery of the letter of invitation. It is possible for you to order the courier delivery with our help.

Get Tourist Visa to Russia with our Help

The most popular visas for the visitors arriving to our country are the tourist ones. Annually, about 1 mln. of such visas are issued. It is easier and more convenient to legalize a tourist visa to the Russian Federation with the help of VITA Travel.

The top advantages of ours are the following:

  • highly-qualified specialists;
  • long-term experience and dependability;
  • successful help with legalization of entry documents.

In order to obtain our services, you always might:

Our managers will answer the questions of yours and provide you with detailed advice.

We will provide you with full visa support at all the steps of application for visa, help you to obtain all the necessary entry documents without any delays and complications.