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Russian visa invitation letters for Slovenian citizens

A citizen of Slovenia can not stay in Russia for more than 90 days for each half-year on tourist, guest or business visas.

The benefits you get by ordering an invitation for Russian visa for Slovenian at our agency:

If you apply at our agency If you apply at other companies If you ask your Russian friend / business partner
Term of registration starting from 1 working day starting from 1 working day starting from 20 working days
You or your russian friend do not need to submit documents personally
Payment on receipt*
Free shipping to more than 70 cities in Russia
10% off medical insurance for visa
Shipping invitation straight to your address abroad**
We have accreditation in Russian Federal Tourist Organisation
We have accreditation in Russian Federal Tourist Organisation ?
Discounts on registration of 5 or more invitations ?

* - For tourist invitations.

** - You're charged only with the cost of express delivery services.

For Slovenian citizens wishing to visit Russia, "Vita Travel" tour operator offers its services in preparation of all necessary documents for obtaining an invitation and a visa. Thanks to accurate work of our professional team, you don't have to stand in line to get an invitation for a citizen of Slovenia, the issue will be solved as soon as possible.

Types of invitation letters for a citizen of Slovenia and required documents

We provide visa invitation letters to Russia for Slovenian nationals in the following cases:

  • Business trip;
  • Tourism.

Business visa invitation to Russia can be issued either as Telex or on the FMS (Federal Migration Service) letterhead for term up to 3 months (1 or 2 trips), as well as for multiple trips for up to 1 year.

The first way is available for representatives of the countries where there telex is available (the Consulate has the technical ability to accept telex). Documents go directly to the Russian Consulate through the MFA ( The Ministry of Foreign Affairs), so it is enough to report the number of the invitation when you submit other documents. The FMS forms are submitted to the Consulate in original personally when applying for a visa.

We will help you choose the appropriate option, and do everything according to the requirements of the normative documents.

Invitation for employment is valid for 3 years. Documentation is issued within 1 month, the original is sent to the citizen of Slovenia. Additionally a high quality passport scan and a photo 3,5х4,5 are required.

If you need a tourist invitation, it will be ready within 1-2 days after applying to our company. In the invitation (or voucher) our reference number, the data from the tourist passport, his travel route and hotels data. The tourist invitation to Russia is issued for up to 30 days.

List of the required documents for obtaining a Russian visa for Slovenian citizens

Russian visa for Slovenian citizen is issued in case of the availability of a passport, which is valid for at least six months prior to the end of staying within the Russian Federation borders.

  • Passport (ordinary, foreign, diplomatic or official);
  • Visa application form filled in with reliable information;
  • One picture with the size 3,5х4,5.
  • Fee payment receipt (consular fee);
  • The original invitation.

Depending on the type of visa you may need health insurance, tickets, hotel reservations, letter of guarantee, financial documentation.

Necessary documents for issuing the invitation at our company for the Slovenian citizen to obtain a visa to Russia:

  • high-quality copy of the main page of your passport (travel passport)
  • an application form filled in online (for tourist invitation in Russian or English, for business invitation in Russian or English) on our site
  • copies of previously issued Russian visas (for multiple-entry invitations)
Still have questions? See FAQ or ask our manager (the tab on the bottom right).

If you cannot determine the type of an invitation that fits you more, read our article.

Sample of Russian visa issued on the basis of our invitations

sample of a invitation to Russia

A sample of a tourist invitation to Russia, issued by our company

sample of a tourist invitation to Russia

Sample business invitation to Russia, issued by our company

sample of a business invitation to Russia

Still have questions? See FAQ or ask our manager

Tourist voucher

Issuance time
Duration of stay (days)
Price ($)
up to 30 single
20$ - any changes to the ready invitation
up to 30 double
20$ - any changes to the ready invitation

Business - Original / Electronic (FMS)

Issuance time
Duration of stay (days)
Price ($)
up to 90, single
up to 90, double
365, multiple entry
90, single entry
90, double entry
365, multiple entry

To apply at the Consulate of the Russian Federation

Issuance time
Duration of stay (days)
Price ($)
according to the invitation
Medical insurance
according to the invitation
Consular visa application form, plane tickets booking.