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Russian Business Visa Information: requirements and application

Russian Business Visa Apply
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Purposes of the business trip
Russian Business Visa documents
Russian Business Visa Invitation
How to apply Business Visa to Russia?

For many foreign citizens visiting our country for business and commercial purpose is possible only if you have Russian business visa. It remains the most used after tourist visa. It’s duration is up to 1 year. And in some cases - 3 and 5 years.

It is safer and easier to take the professional help by highly qualified staff of "VITA Travel" company.

Features of Business Visa

Russian business visa is a standard passport sticker.
It states the following:

  • duration and multiplicity of the entry document;
  • number of days in the region;
  • basic information about the visitor (last and first names, gender, date of birth);
  • visitor's passport details;
  • purpose of the trip (business);
  • name of the host organization.

Some people confuse a business visa with a working visa. The difference: a visitor with business visa can't be employed and receive a salary in Russian Federation.

Russian business visa for foreigners is divided into: single, double and multiple. Single entry visa: you can enter only 1 time. If you have double entry visa: you can cross the border of our country for 2 times. Multiple business visa: allow any number of entries and exits. You can travel during the whole period of your visa.

Maximum duration period of business visa is:

  • 3 months if one/two-time document was issued;
  • 1 year if multi-visa is granted (multiple business visa to Russia);
  • 3 years if multi-visa is issued to a US citizen;
  • 5 years if multi-visa is granted to a citizen of the European Union.

Purposes of the business trip

Russian business visa for foreigners is issued for the following purposes:

  • business (searching for business partners, participation in consultations and negotiations, issues of expanding business relations);
  • commercial (signing contracts, prolongation of existing contracts, participation in business exhibitions and auctions, studying the market for products, conducting marketing research);
  • for receivers (in order to control buying-selling or equipment acceptance);
  • for airline, train and ship crews;
  • for drivers of freight / passenger vehicles.

Sample of Russian Business Visa

Russian Business Visa

Russian Business Visa documents

So, how to get Russian business visa for foreigners? Foreign citizens need to submit an application to Russian Federation Consulate at the place of permanent residence. Each applicant will need: to prepare a set of documents and to pay a consular fee (it depends on the nationality of the applicant).

The package of documentation required upon request includes:

  1. Business invitation to Russia, received from Russian Federation.
  2. Fully completed application form.
  3. Recent photos (2 identical, color or b/w). The picture size - from 35 to 45 mm. Photos in dark glasses are not accepted. Also no head coverings or hats, except for religious reasons.
  4. Original ID card or passport.

If you will apply business visa through VITA Travel, the reservation of apartments in hotel will not required.

Russian Business Visa Invitation

The following legal persons have the right to issue the Russian Business Visa Invitation:

  • who registered in Russian Federation;
  • who accredited by the Consular Service Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Central Administrative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A business invitation is requested in any of the three options (that is more convenient for the applicant).

  • Telex. A foreigner needs to know the information about the host company and the number of the invitation. This information will be required to complete visa application form. Readiness Telex invitations - 6–13 working days.
  • Letter from the company / organization. This type of business invitation is provided only to citizens of states with which Russian Federation has an agreement on visa regime simplification (for example, EU states). The time period for issuing a business invitation is only 1 working day.
  • On the official letterhead GUVM. Russian consulates don't accept photocopies of invitations in this format. The original document is sent to the foreigner by express mail. Consideration of requests for business invitations from applicants takes from 6 to 30 working days.

Only a minimum of documents will be required for any kind of invitation for Russian business visa through our company. Also you can order the documents delivery through us.

How to apply Business Visa to Russia

Highly qualified staff of "VITA Travel" company are always ready to help you to arrange a Russian business visa. It is fast, hassle-free and reasonably inexpensive.
The total cost consists of:

  • the invitation and medical insurance (with our help);
  • consular fee;
  • payment for our services.

To take an advantage of our help, you can call by phone + 7 351 700-11-10 or write us to the online chat. Experienced experts will tell you more about applying for a business visa and a business invitation in your particular case.