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Russian visa invitation letters

To apply a visa to Russia,you have to issue an invitation. You (or your Russian friend / business partner) can get it by three ways:

  • Order an tourist invitation to Russia from tour operator accredited to receive foreigner (our accreditation number is PTO 013930). You can contact us without the help of your Russian partner.
  • Your Russian partner can collect a package of documents and contact the Federal Migration Service of Russia. If you want to relieve the inconvenience to your business partner from Russia, you can order a business invitation letter to Russia in our company.
  • The order can be obtained through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia with our help.

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Types of invitations for Russian visa

Before order an invitation letter to Russia, select one of the existing types:

  • Tourist welcome letter (voucher + confirmation of the admission of foreign tourists). It is designed by us for 1-2 days, suitable for all who plan to visit Russia for less than 30 days.
  • Business invitation (the form of the Federal Migration Service of Russia or telex from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia). Any company can issue in about 1 month. With our help, registration through the FMS and through the Foreign Ministry takes 7-20 working days.
  • Guest invitation (the form of the Federal Migration Service). A resident of Russia can issue a guest invitation by submitting to the Federal Migration Service of Russia documents on the financial situation and documents for residence.

How to get an invitation letter to Russia quickly

Tourist voucher and confirmation of the admission of a foreign tourist from our company is the fastest option for issuing an invitation to Russia. If you want to receive an invitation as quickly as possible, then you need:

  1. Send us by Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail photo of the main page of the passport.
  2. Inform the city and dates of your stay in Russia.

With special urgency, we can issue an invitation for 1-2 hours and send the original to you or directly to an alien abroad.Documents for the invitation to Russia at registration in Vita Travel. We simplify the process of registration for our clients as much as possible, therefore only the following documents are needed:

  • Quality scan of the main page of your passport (for a tourist voucher, it is enough photo).
  • Dates and cities of the trip to Russia.
  • If a foreigner requests a visa to Russia, outside the country of his citizenship, proof of legal residence in the host country (For business and private invitations).
  • Foreigner's profile data (for business invitations).

Documents from the Russian side do not need to be provided.

How to order an invitation letter for Russian visa

Stages of issuing an invitation to Russia are as follows:

  1. Consult us by phone +7 351 700 111 0, through online consultant).
  2. Send the documents to us on e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp or through a personal account on our website. Get an e-mail contract.
  3. Pay for our services.
  4. Get an invitation.

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